Avilukast(Montelukast) 10 Tab

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<p style=\"text-align: left;\">Store below 30 <sup>o</sup>C.</p> <p style=\"text-align: left;\">  Protect from light and moisture.</p> <p style=\"text-align: left;\">  Keep out of the rich of children.</p>
Over dosage{}{}{}
<p style=\"text-align: left;\">     Contact a poison control center.</p>
Side Effects{}{}{}
<ul> <li style=\"text-align: left;\">CNS: Dizziness, Headache, Asthenia/fatigue</li> <li style=\"text-align: left;\">Dermatologic: rash</li> <li style=\"text-align: left;\">GI: abdominal pain, Dyspepsia</li> <li style=\"text-align: left;\">Lab abnormalities, Respiratory, fever, trauma</li> </ul>
Drug Interaction{}{}{}
<p style=\"text-align: left;\">    Phenobarbital - prednisolone – phenytoin-rifampicin</p>
<p style=\"text-align: left;\">Specific studies on secretion of this medicine in the milk of nursing mothers have not seen, so, it is not recommended.</p>
<p>FDA pregnancy category B</p>
<ul> <li style=\"text-align: left;\">Acute Asthma attacks: Montelukast is not effective against severe asthma attacks.  However, therapy with montelukast can be continued in case of increased severity of the disease.</li> <li style=\"text-align: left;\">Exercise-induced bronchoconstriction: Single therapy with montelukast is not recommended in these cases. Patients should continue their usual therapy, which includes inhaled beta-agonist for prevention of attacks and short –acting inhaled beta agonists for treatment.    </li> <li style=\"text-align: left;\">Concurrent Therapy with Corticosteroids: Oral or inhaled corticosteroids should be replaced with montelukast only in a gradual manner and with reduction in the intake of corticosteroids.</li> <li style=\"text-align: left;\">Aspirin sensivity: Patients with known sensivity to aspirin should not use aspirin or other non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) during their course of treatment with montelukast.</li> <li style=\"text-align: left;\">Patients should be aware that various neuropsychiatric events for example mood-related changes have been reported such as memory and attention problems-depression-stuttering</li> </ul>
<p style=\"text-align: left;\">In case of allergic reaction to any component of the medicine.</p>
Administration and Dosage{}{}{}
<ul> <li style=\"text-align: left;\">Adults and children over 15: One 10 mg tablet per day</li> <li style=\"text-align: left;\">Children 6 to 14 years: Half a 10 mg tablet per day</li> <li style=\"text-align: left;\">Do not give this medicine to children less than 6 months of age.</li> </ul>
<ul> <li style=\"text-align: left;\">Asthma: Prophylactic and treatment of asthma in adults and children over 12 years.</li> <li style=\"text-align: left;\">Allergic rhinitis: Reduction of symptoms of allergic rhinitis and rhinitis resulting from seasonal and permanent allergies in adults and children over 2 years.</li> <li style=\"text-align: left;\">Chronic urticarial, atopic dermatitis</li> <li style=\"text-align: left;\">Prevention exercise-induced asthma in patient 6 years and older.</li> </ul>
Mechanism of Action{}{}{}
<p style=\"text-align: left;\">Montelukast is an orally bioavailable selective antagonist of leukotrienes, which specifically effects leukotriene CysLT1.</p>